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Neglect Strategy and Action Plan

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Neglect Strategy

The Neglect Strategy was first commissioned and published in 2016 by Safeguarding Children Partnership’s (previously Safeguarding Children Board’s) in Hampshire and The Isle of Wight. The strategy was commissioned in response to findings from a range of reviews across both Partnership’s which highlighted the need for professionals to understand, identify and work effectively together to achieve better outcomes for children experiencing neglect.

The strategic aim of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnerships’ (HSCP and IOWSCP) Neglect Strategy 2020-23 is to prevent and reduce the impact of neglect and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. To fulfil this aim, it is imperative that neglect is recognised early and prevented, and that all agencies involved in the care and support of children and families work in partnership to effectively, collectively and consistently respond to all children considered to be at risk of neglect.

The updated strategy sets out a refreshed vision and key priorities, and provides the framework under which ongoing multi-agency work will be undertaken. It builds on the previous joint Hampshire and Isle of Wight strategy from 2016 and provides an update on what work has taken place across both Partnership’s since that time and provides further information on both LSCPs work to identify and address issues relating to neglect. The previous Neglect Strategy 2016/18 is still available as a reference guide.

The revised strategy is applicable to all professionals who work with unborn babies, children and their families across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It is underpinned by a strengths-based, family focused approach to partnership work. The intention for this strategy is to build on existing good practice, as well as identify and address gaps in service delivery and provision. As such, this strategy identifies new and more effective ways of working.

The strategy should not be considered in isolation but is intended to be supported by the full range of practitioner focussed tools available from the HSCP and IOWSCP online Neglect Toolkit, as well as supporting local policies for multi-agency practice as found on the HIPS Procedures website.

The Neglect Thresholds Chart and Neglect Indicator Charts that are included in the strategy are available as standalone, downloadable or printable documents in the toolkit.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Neglect Strategy Action Plan

To support the implementation of the revised strategy and to ensure that neglect is widely understood and responded to in joint working arrangements, the HSCP and IOWSCP have developed a  Neglect Strategy Action Plan 2020-23