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Visual Guide: What a Child Needs

The What a Child Needs Visual Guide is a tool to help professionals explore neglect with families in an accessible format.

This PDF is accessible on laptops/devices or it can be printed.

Overview sheet (page 2):

  • Provides an overview of key themes when exploring neglect of children.
  • There is the potential to print and cut them out to make into cards. A blank card is offered to prompt exploration of additional themes.

Theme sheets (pages 3-14):

  • Theme sheets provide pick and mix examples you can use to guide discussions with families. They do not provide an exhaustive list.
  • Not all themes will be relevant to all families. They will need to be adapted depending on the audience, age, needs of the child and focus of discussions.
  • Wording may not be accessible. Ambiguous terms and assumed knowledge needs to be fully explored with families to ensure there is a shared understanding.
  • Where possible language is strength based and avoids a deficit led approach.
  • A blank sheet is provided to support development of additional themes and/or active participation of families in discussions.