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Key Messages- if you do one thing…


Valuable children with disrupted education

Recognise that engagement in education is a significant protective factor for children. Encourage attendance and engagement whenever you can. When working with children who have a one plan (Early Help) or a child in need plan or child protection plan, make it a multi-agency responsibility to consider if the child is attending and engaging in school/education and what support the child and family may need.

Safeguarding Infants

Local Learning events

Oscar Local Learning Event –

Ask the child, “what has happened to you?” instead of “why did you do that?”. Lots of adults can’t explain why they did a particular thing, so we shouldn’t expect children to be able to, but children can tell us what has happened, and they do that through what they say and importantly how they behave and when we know a child well, how they are with us.

Jones and Taylor Children Local Learning Event  –

Routinely enquire who has caring responsibilities or unsupervised contact with the children you are working with.