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Sexual health advice

What is sexual health and why is it important?

Parents and carers, as well as young people, can find it embarrassing and challenging to talk about sex, especially if you are unsure about how to approach the subject.

Having open and honest discussions about sex and relationships helps your adolescent child to recognise the positive behaviours associated with sex and to protect and safeguard them when they are ready to explore sex and sexuality.

Talking to your adolescent child about sex does not mean they will go out and do it. Helping your child to learn about age-appropriate sex and relationships means that they can feel more confident to make informed choices and they are more likely to talk to you when they are concerned or worried.


Useful websites and information

NHS – Let’s Talk About It (LTAI) – This website provides useful resources and links to websites that can provide information about sexual health, sex, and relationships to support you as parents and carers. It also gives handy tips around having conversations with your adolescent child. Click here

Healthier Together – If you want to work through sexual health resources aimed at your adolescent child, this website is a great place to go. Click here

Relationships, sex and health education: guides for parents -This website has guides for parents and carers to talk to their child about relationships, sex and health education. Click here

NSPCC – Sexual behaviour in children – This website focuses on sexual behaviours in adolescent children and advice for parents on healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviour, including what to do if you’re worried. Click here


Where can I get more advice from national resources?

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Sexual health helpline: 0300 123 7123

Sexwise is a national resource that gives honest advice about sexual health to support families.
BISH – A guide to Sex, Love & You. Expert answers to your Qs 14+ BISH is a UK based, reliable guide to sex, love & relationships for everyone over 14.
Home – FPA

Freephone sexual health line: 0300 123 7123

The Family Planning Association (FPA) provides relationships and sex education support.
HIV and sexual health | Terrence Higgins Trust

Tel: 0808 802 1221


Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is a leading UK charity on HIV & sexual health. The website provides information about HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and how to maintain good sexual health. Resources for people living with HIV and those newly diagnosed can also be found.
Sexual Health & Wellbeing – Brook – Healthy lives for young people Brook is a national organisation supporting young people around sexual health and wellbeing. Website provides information, advice, local services and real stories.
Health and social care | Hampshire County Council Hampshire County Council’s website provides local support for parents on sexual health matters and signposting.


Where can I get local advice and support?

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 

You can access support for your adolescent child by clicking the link below and searching your local area: Let’s Talk about It (