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This toolkit is for children (under 18 years) and adults (over 18 years), please make sure you know the date of birth of the person you are concerned about and follow the right referral route.

If you believe a child or adult is in immediate danger call 999

The below links provide contact details for services you may need to engage with, please ensure that the action you take is always in line with your organisation’s safeguarding policy.


  • If you believe a child/adult is in immediate danger call 999
  • If you have concerns for a child/adult or need advice, call police on 101

If you need to report that a crime has been committed and should be reported for further investigation, you can do this by calling 101 or filling out a crime report online via this link:

Hampshire and IOW constabulary have appointed local beat officers for every area in across the 2 counties, and you can find out and contact a dedicated officer here:

Home | Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary

Community Partnership Information (CPI):

If you have information that is not a crime/no one needs an immediate response, but you think the police should know about, you should use the CPI form: Information Sharing – Safe4Me

Hampshire Constabulary are seeking the support of partners, education staff and practitioners to share information known to them which, often without realisation, could provide crucial links where gaps in intelligence might exist.

To help improve information sharing, the CPI form gives professionals a safe and direct way to share non-urgent information with police relating to children/adults at risk. This could include:

  • Missing, Exploited, Trafficked
  • Child Sexual or Criminal Exploitation
  • Drug Related Harm
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Community Cohesion
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Organised Crime
  • COVID related incidents

In essence, the CPI form can be used for any information you feel the need to share with police, providing it does not amount to a crime or a safeguarding issue – where it does, you would need to report as a crime or make a MASH referral

Here Information Sharing – Safe4Me you can find the CPI form, guidance on how to complete it, including a best practice example to assist you.

Best practice example one.

Best practice example two.

Guidance for Health professionals has been created: Police-CPI-Information-for-Health-Practitioners-Oct2019.pdf (

Guidance for Schools and Colleges: Community Partnership Information Sharing (CPI) (

Safe4me website

Safe4Me – Hampshire Police’s free education resource programme for schools, colleges and partners in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Knife Crime:

Knife Crime – Safe4Me

The below referral routes are for all concerns regarding a child being at risk from, or at risk of serious violence.


Public Tel: 0300 555 1384 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Out of Hours: 0300 555 1373

Professionals should complete the online interagency referral form. For urgent Child protection enquiries, call the Professionals Line: 01329 225379.

Isle of Wight

Public: 0300 300 0117

Professionals should complete the online interagency referral form. For urgent Child protection enquiries, professionals can phone: 0300 300 0901.


Tel: 023 9268 8793


Out of Hours (5:00pm – 8:30am): 0300 555 1373


Public: 023 8083 3336

Out of Hours (5:00pm – 8:30am): 023 8023 3344

Professionals should complete the online referral form or contact the Children’s Resource Service on 02380 83 3004 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm) or 02380 23 3344 (weekends, bank holidays and outside of office hours).

The Children’s Resource Service (

You can also seek advice as a professional by making a referral for concerns about sexually harmful behaviour or a child who is at risk of committing serious violence via the below links.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Forum– A forum available to professionals every six weeks, providing opportunity for discussion around a child where a professional is concerned. A professional can bring a case for discussion or attend for professional development. Details can be found by contacting

Risk of Serious Harm Forum – A professional support/ discussion forum available to Hampshire and IOW professionals. Email for dates and requests for slots at the forum.

FCAMHS – Forensic CAMHS provide bookable consultations for professionals where individual cases can be discussed. These can be arranged by emailing


To discuss a child and get resources regarding a case you are dealing with, please contact the relevant YJS for your area below;


Youth Offending Team (YOT) contacts | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (


Isle of Wight

YOS Youth Justice Service (


Are you worried a child is starting to get into trouble? Please consider making a prevention referral:  Youth Crime Prevention (



telephone 02392 688450


Community safety depts work to promote safety in our communities, preventing crime and disorder, protect vulnerable residents and provide support. To discuss something or make a referral to your local community safety team, please contact the team for your area;


Safe communities in Hampshire | Hampshire County Council (

Isle of Wight

Community safety services (


Community safety and anti-social behaviour – Portsmouth City