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Day in My Life (Baby)

Things to think about when assessing the appropriateness of the daily routine of a baby.


  • Do I wake early or later in the morning?
  • Am I attended to when I wake up or after a while?
  • Who gets me up and ready in the morning?
  • What do they do to help me?


  • Do I like milk from a bottle or am I breastfed?
  • If I have an alternative feeding protocol (e.g. tube fed) is this protocol appropriately adhered to? Has this been confirmed with relevant professionals?
  • Am I easy to feed or can it be difficult sometimes?
  • Do I have my milk at the same time every day?
  • Who gives me my milk and how often do I have it?
  • Do they hold me whilst I am feeding or am I propped in a cot or bouncer?
  • Are my bottles clean and sterilised and who does this?
  • Am I ‘burped’ during and at the end of feeding?
  • Do I have reflux or a tendency to be ‘sickie’?
  • Do I have a Choking protocol? Is it being adhered to?
  • Am I settled and contented after a feed?
  • Are there plans to wean me onto food?
  • Do I have eye contact with my carer whilst feeding?
  • If I breast feed, have I had repeated episodes of thrush and has medical advice been sought?


  • Who changes my nappy and helps me to get dressed? Is this the same every day?
  • Are my clothes clean and appropriate for the weather?

Getting to school (if there are school age children in the house)

  • Do I join in on the school-run or does someone else look after me during this time?
  • If I do go to school, how do I get there?
  • Do I stay in the car to wait if my siblings are being dropped off at the classroom?
  • If I stay at home, who looks after me?

During the day

  • What do I like to do during the day?
  • Who do I spend the most time with and where do they take me?
  • Do I go to baby and toddler groups to make friends or do I go wherever my carer needs to go?
  • Does my carer help me to learn by playing with toys and books with me?
  • Do I sleep in the day and is that at regular times each day?
  • Do I like to sleep at home in my cot, or out in my buggy or car seat?
  • Who feeds me and is this at the same time each day?
  • Is my nappy changed regularly and by whom?
  • Do we have any pets in the house?
  • How am I protected from any pets?
  • Am I ever left alone unsupervised with any pets?
  • Do I like to watch a lot of television?
  • Do I like to sit a lot in car seats or pushchairs during the day?
  • Am I encouraged to explore my environment? If so, can I do so safely, e.g. not climb the stairs unsupervised or put my fingers in plug sockets?

Socialising (communication)

  • Do I have regular eye contact and communication time with my carer? This is really important very early on in my life.
  • Does my carer find it easy to understand my needs from my cues (e.g. tired, hungry, in pain, overstimulated)?
  • Does my carer encourage my sounds and babbling development?
  • Does my carer respond to my noises or mirror my sounds?
  • Do I respond to their facial expressions when they are trying to calm me / talk to me / play with me?
  • Does my carer attempt to communicate with me in ways which are useful to me? (E.g. for children with sensory impairment or social communication needs)
  • Does my carer stimulate me in ways which are supportive of my development? (E.g. for children with sensory impairment or social communication needs)

After school (if there is a school age child in the house)

  • Do I go to the school to meet my sibling or do I stay at home? Who looks after me?
  • What happens to me when my sibling(s) are home – do they play with me nicely?
  • Is our carer around to make sure the play is appropriate?
  • Do I join in meal times as appropriate to my needs?


  • Do I have a regular night time routine?
  • Do I feed well in the evening?
  • Do I have a bath and if so how often?
  • Who baths me and do I bath with any of my siblings?
  • Do I watch TV with any of my family in the evenings? If so is what I watch okay for my age?


  • Do I go to bed at the same time every night?
  • Am I put to bed or do I fall asleep whenever I am tired enough?
  • If I am placed in my cot, do I settle well by myself?
  • Where do I sleep?
  • Do I go to sleep with toys?
  • Am I read a bedtime book?
  • How do I like to sleep (on my back / front)?
  • Does my carer use a monitor?
  • Who is normally in the house at night time?


  • Do I sleep well at night or do I tend to wake?
  • How often do I wake?
  • What happens when I wake up?
  • Does my carer respond or am I left to cry / self soothe?
  • Do I have feeds during the night?
  • Do I often need a nappy change during the night?
  • Where do the pets sleep in the house?

Medical / Health (Can apply at any time of the day or night)

  • Have I had my medication / treatment as required?
  • Have medical professionals instructions been adhered to?
  • Is all my equipment maintained and operating effectively?
  • Are my measurements being recorded (e.g. height, weight & saturation levels) as required by my health professionals?
  • Am I or my carer’s sleep deprived as a result of my condition?

For inpatient babies

  • Am I being visited regularly and appropriately by my family?
  • Am I having my social and emotional needs being met while I am in hospital?