Infants and coronavirus

The use of face masks in babies and young children (under the age of 3)

Face masks must NOT be put on babies and young children in an effort to protect them from coronavirus. Wearing a face mask in this age group can put babies and children at serious risk of harm or death:

  • Babies and young children have smaller airways so breathing through a mask is harder for them.
  • Masks could increase the risk of suffocation because they are harder to breathe through.
  • Babies are unable to remove the mask should they have trouble breathing.
  • Infants could be at risk of becoming tangled, especially if they try to remove a mask, potentially causing serious injury.
  • Older infants or young toddlers are not likely to keep the mask on and will touch their face more to try and remove it.

Coronavirus and caring for a baby

For the latest sleep advice on coronavirus and caring for a baby, visit The Lullaby Trust.

General advice and guidance can be found on the HSCP COVID-19 page.