Terms used in Children’s Safeguarding

ABE     Achieving Best Evidence – Guidance that police and social workers follow when interviewing children when a crime may have been committed.

ACE     Adverse Childhood Experiences

ASD     Adult Services Department

CAFCASS         Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service – Government agency responsible for court based social workers and children’s guardians.

CAIT    Child Abuse Investigations Team (Police) – Hampshire Police teams who investigate child abuse.

CAMHS           Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

CAST    Children Assessment and Safeguarding Teams

CAWN Child Abduction Warning Notice     

CCE      Child Criminal Exploitation

CCG     Clinical Commissioning Group         

CDOP  Child Death Overview Panel – Responsible for collecting and analysing information about the death of children under 18 years (in the country)

CEOP   Child Exploitation and On-Line Protection Command – Work with child protection partners to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to protect children from harm online and offline.

CFSW   Children and Family Support Workers

CIC       Children in Care        

CIN      Children in Need – Section 17 of the children’s act 1989

CLA      Children Looked After

CME    Children Missing From Education    

CMHT  Communications Mental health Team        

County Lines  A police term for urban gangs supplying drugs to suburban areas and market and coastal towns using dedicated mobile phone lines or ‘deal lines’. It involves child criminal exploitation (CCE) as gangs use children and vulnerable people to move drugs and money.

CPC     Child Protection Conference

CPI       Community Partnership Information Form – Sharing intelligence with police

CPIS     Child Protection Information System          

CPP     Child Protection Plan

CPS      Child Prosecution Service     

CPSU   Child Protection in Sports Unit – Partnership between the  NSPCC, Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland and Sport Wales to protect children in sport

CSD     Children Services Department

CRT      Children’s Reception Team  

CRU     Central Referral Unit (Police)

CSC      Children’s Social Care

CSE      Child Sexual Exploitation     

CSERQ Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Questionnaire         

CYP or CYPR   Child Young Person at Risk (Police)

DA (DV)           Domestic Abuse (domestic violence)

DVA     Domestic Violence and Abuse          

DASH   Domestic Abuse Stalking and Harassment Tool

DAPP   Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme    

DBS     Disclosure and Barring Service

DN       Designated Nurse      

DPA     Data Protection Acts

DSL      Designated Safeguarding Lead – Within educational settings

DSP     Designated Senior Person

DT       Designated Teacher

E&T     Education and inclusion       

EHA     Early Help Assessment         

EHE     Electively Home Educated    

EPO     Emergency Protection Order

EWO’s Education Welfare Officers  

EYFS    Early Years Foundation Stage

FGM    Female Genital Mutilation   

FII        Fabricated or Induced Illness

FSS       Family Support Service

HBV     Honour Based Violence

HCSB   Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board (As of June 2019, now known as Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership)  

HSCP  Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

HIAS    Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service   

HHFT   Hampshire Hospital Foundation Trust

HSAB   Hampshire Safeguarding Adult Board

IARF     Inter-Agency Referral Form – Used to report safeguarding concerns

ICPC    Initial Child Protection Conference

ICS       Integrated Children’s System – System used to hold service user information

ICTA    Independent Child Trafficking Advocate

IDASH  Integrated Child Abuse Service for Hampshire

IDVA    Individual Domestic Violence Advisor

IMR     Internal Management Review or Independent Management Review

IOWSCB   Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Board (As of June 2019, now known as Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnership)

IOWSCP   Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnership

IRO      Independent Reviewing Officer

JTAI     Joint Targeted Area Inspections      

KCSIE   Keeping children Safe in Education

LA        Local Authority

LAC      Looked After Child    

LADO   Local Authority Designated Officer  

LIG       Learning and Inquiry Group

LSAB    Local Safeguarding Adult Board

LCSB    Local Safeguarding Children Board (As of June 2019, now known as Local Safeguarding Children Partnership)

LNA     Learning Need Analysis

MAPPA           Multi- Agency Public Protection Arrangements

MAR    Multi-Agency Review

MARAC           Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference 

MASF  Multi-Agency Safeguarding Forums 

MASH  Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub      

MISPER           Missing Persons        

MET    Missing Exploited Trafficked

NFA     No Further Action     

NSPCC National Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Children

OM      Offending Manager

OOC    Out of Country

Operation Encompass           Police informing schools via email following a domestic abuse incident when a child within the family home attends their school.

PACE   Police and Criminal Evidence Act

PEP      Personal Education Plan       

PiP       Partners in Practice

PHL      Partnering Health Ltd

PLO     Public Law Outline

POLIT  Paedophile On Line Investigation Team (Police)

PP        Police Protection       

PPN     Public Protection Notice

PPO     Public Protection Unit (Police)

PR        Parental Responsibility

PSO     Prohibited Steps Order

PSCB    Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board (As of June 2019, now known as Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Partnership)

PSAB   Portsmouth Safeguarding Adult Board

QAG    Quality and Assurance Group

R&A     Referral and Assessment      

RCPC   Review Child Protection Conference

RO       Residence Order        

 SA       Single Assessment – The ONE assessment created in line with criteria set out in Working together 2013

SAR      Subject Access Request

SCAS    South Central Ambulance Service    

SCR      Serious Case Review 

SERAF  Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Framework

SFYC    Services for Young Children 

SGO     Special Guardianship Order

SHFT    Southern Health Foundation Trust

SSFAA  Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen’s Families Association

SUID    Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

S17      Section 17 of the children’s act 1989 – Child in Need

S20      Section 20 of the children’s act 1989 – Child Accommodation

S47      Section 47 of the children’s act 1989 – Child Protection

TOR     Terms of Reference

Toxic/trigger trio       Mental health, substance misuse and domestic abuse

WDG   Workforce Development Group       

WDT    Workforce Development Team

UASC   Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children  

UCS     Unscheduled Care Setting

UHS     University Hospital Southampton   

VAWG             Violence Against Women and Girls

VISOR              The Violent and Sexual Offenders Register 

WTTSC             Working Together to Safeguard children    

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