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Radicalisation and Extremism

What is Prevent?

Prevent is the name given to a national strategy which aims to stop people from becoming violent extremists or supporting terrorism. Channel is the process that supports people at risk of being drawn towards terrorism or violent extremism. Prevent aims to deal with all forms of extremism including Far Right racist extremism, animal rights extremism and religious extremism.

Signs of possible radicalisation

  • Notable changes in behaviour/mood
  • May begin to express extreme political or radical views
  • Appear increasingly sympathetic to terrorist acts
  • Appearance may change
  • Friends may change and may spend excess time on their own or on the internet

Making a referral

By raising your concerns and making a referral to Hants Direct on: 0300 555 1384 you can help someone who you believe is at risk of radicalisation get support, and can prevent them becoming involved in potentially violent activities, long before any criminal activity occurs.  If the concern is about an individual, refer to the numbers below or in an emergency call the police on 999

Additional information

Hampshire Prevent Partnership Partnership