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Early Help

Early Help Services in Hampshire

Early Help means ‘identifying as early as possible if a child or family need support and helping them to access services, working together to ensure that this has maximum impact. In other words, offering the right help at the right time.’

Hampshire’s model of early help focusses on the following principles::

  • Early Help is a 0-19 offer.
  • Focusing on the child and family’s journey.
  • A seamless pathway of interventions as they move in and out of services, step up / step down across the windscreen of need.
  • Clearly defined thresholds

Hampshire’s Threshold Chart PDF Version

  • A range of effective, evidence-based services in place to address assessed needs.
  • Practitioners need to understand their role both when providing a service as a single agency (emerging additional need) and as part of a multi-agency response (targeted interagency).

Early Help Hubs

Hampshire has ten early help hubs.  Each hub meets on a weekly basis to coordinate the multi-agency response for families with complex needs who do not meet the threshold for statutory social care.

The Early Help Checklist  is designed to help practitioners decide whether the early help assessment would be useful to help them to support the family.

The Early Help Parent/Carer leaflet  helps explain the role of early help and what can be expected.

All enquiries regarding accessing early help hub services should be made via Hantsdirect 0300 555 1384

The Family Information and Services Hub is where you will find information about what is going on in your area, details on how families can access services, organisations and activities in Hampshire, and the advice and support that’s available.

The Hampshire Early Help Model

Level 1 – Universal (School, GPs, Health visiting, School nursing)

Level 2 – Early Help (Single agency/partnership working – Schools, Local Partnerships, Health, Children’s Centres, Youth Support)

Level 3 – Targeted Early Help (Coordinated multi-agency response – Early Help Hub provision)

Level 4 – Statutory Children’s Social Care