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Spotlight On

The Safeguarding Children Partnerships across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton will be producing regular briefings to highlight changes and promote awareness and understanding of key policies. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the changes, and, circulate to your networks.

The most recent Spotlight can be found here:

April 2020: Spotlight On… Private Fostering

March 2020: Spotlight On… Disguised Compliance

March 2020: Hampshire MAPPA OMG

October 2019 (Hampshire Special Edition): Spotlight On… ICON 

September 2019: Spotlight On… Safeguarding Children Procedures

Previous versions of the Spotlight can be accessed below:

January 2019: Spotlight On… Child and Family Engagement Guidance

December 2018: Spotlight On… Procedures December 2018 Updates

December 2018: Spotlight On… Protocol for Protecting Children who move Across Local Authority Borders

August 2018: Spotlight On… MET Information Guide

May 2018 (Hampshire & Isle of Wight Special Edition): Spotlight On… HSCP & IOWSCP Neglect Toolkit

April 2018: Spotlight On… Bruising Protocol

April 2018 (Hampshire Special Edition):Spotlight On… Understanding Unidentified Adults

March 2018: Spotlight On… Safeguarding Procedures 2018

December 2017: Spotlight On… Unborn/Newborn Baby Safeguarding Protocol 2016