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New Partnership Arrangements 2019

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership arrangements

This document sets out the arrangements for the safeguarding partners (Hampshire County Council, West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group [on behalf of the five Hampshire CCGs] and Hampshire Constabulary) to work together, and with other agencies, to identify and safeguard children in need of protection in Hampshire. We believe the changes outlined in this document will enhance the already strong partnerships we have in Hampshire.

The development of the new partnership arrangements has given us the opportunity to review and change some of our ways of working, building on strengths within the good partnership relationships that already exist but focusing on how we can make a real difference to multi-agency front-line practice to improve outcomes for our children, young people and their families.

Child Death Overview Panel

This document sets out the arrangements for the review of all child deaths, to take place across the Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton areas from 29 September 2019.

New HSCP contact details

Alongside these new arrangements, the following changes have been made to the previous website and contact details for the partnership team. Please ensure these changes are circulated as widely as possible within your organisations.

  • HSCP’s email address: hscp@hants.gov.uk All emails sent to the previous HSCB address (hscb@hants.gov.uk) will be automatically re-directed with no cut-off date
  • HSCP’s website address: www.hampshirescp.org.uk As above, all previous links (including those to uploaded documents and toolkits) will be re-directed

Should you experience any difficulties in accessing our website and/or contacting the partnership team, please telephone 01962 876355 so that we can help you.