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Local Safeguarding Arrangements

The HSCP Local Safeguarding Arrangements 2020 are published in line with the requirements outlined in Working Together 2018. The Local Safeguarding Arrangements continue to build on the strengths of the partnership. Members of the Partnership hold a strategic role within their organisations and are able to speak with authority, commit to matters of policy and hold their organisation to account.

All partner agencies are committed to ensuring the effective operation of Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP). This is supported by our Safeguarding Arrangements that defines the fundamental principles through which the HSCP is governed. Safeguarding is a firm priority for all partner agencies, demonstrated by consistently good levels of attendance, effective engagement in subgroups, and a strong culture of constructive challenge and debate. Multi-agency work within our groups and subgroups promote work to drive a range of improvements to both the safety and welfare of children and young people. Partnership membership extends across several working groups to provide continuity.

Key to our success has been a focus on the different safeguarding contexts that exist across Hampshire, with emphasis being placed on children and young people being safeguarded in their lives at home, in their friendship circles, in health, in education and in the public spaces that they occupy both offline and online.