HSCP and Brook Partner Together

We are delighted to report that we have partnered with Brook to offer Hampshire professionals free access to the Traffic Light e-learning course as part of our Virtual Multi-Agency Learning Platform for 2021-22.

Brook’s nationally recognised Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool and training provides a highly visible, multi-agency response for professionals to identify, understand and respond appropriately to sexual behaviour in young people.

The Brook Tool has been promoted across Hampshire for many years and is included in multiple policies across partnership agencies. Recently, Brook have updated its tool and policy to ensure that only professionals who have completed training can access it.

The training and accompanying Tool equips professionals to shape consistent and informed decisions that neither stigmatises nor criminalises young people. Participants of the Tool learn about healthy sexual development, acquire an understanding of key laws relating to sexual behaviour and gain knowledge on enabling robust and meaningful conversations around harmful sexual behaviours that cause concern.

The Traffic Light Tool e-learning course features activities to support learning and scenarios to help professionals practise applying the Traffic Light Tool.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and identify sexualised behaviours and differentiate between those which are part of healthy sexual development and those which are problematic or harmful.
  • Reflect on your own values and understand how they can impact on decision making.
  • Demonstrate a common language around developmental and harmful sexual behaviours.
  • Understand what a behaviour may be communicating and why the child or young person may be exhibiting the behaviour.
  • Appropriately respond to sexualised behaviours, considering possible motivations, communications and severity.

Access to the course is via the HSCP Virtual Multi-Agency Learning platform and is free to all professionals working with children and their families in the Hampshire Local Authority area. Access the Brook Traffic Light Tool e-learning now.