Professionals’ Meeting Guidance

18 December 2020 – The Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP) is pleased to announce the publication of its Professionals Meeting Guidance.

This new guidance aims to support multi-agency practitioners who have a genuine desire to work openly with families, but may need the opportunity to talk with other professionals without the family being present.

Professionals meetings provide an opportunity for professionals involved with a family to come together, not only to share information, but also to help determine the direction of a case and the plan for a child; it may be held to resolve uncertainty.

Professionals meetings do not replace usual planning and review meetings. They will usually be a one-off meeting to help:

  • Resolve professional disagreement regarding case management.
  • Agree how issues of adults being hostile, reluctant, or failing to comply (including disguised compliance) can be addressed and safely challenged by all professionals.
  • Identify better ways for inter-agency work to achieve outcomes for children where normal case planning and review mechanisms do not appear to be effective (often referred to as “stuck cases”).

Professionals meetings should only be held after careful consideration is given to the need to exclude parents from the meeting.