Publication of the Hampshire ICON Evaluation Report: 1 year on

In September 2018, Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP) launched ICON, an abusive head trauma prevention programme.

The multi-agency programme was developed to support parents to cope with infant crying as an intervention to reduce the risk of abusive head trauma from suspected shaking injuries. ICON materials and key messages were delivered at numerous stages throughout pregnancy and post birth to parents.

A year on from embedding ICON in practice, an evaluation was undertaken to look at the impact the programme has had on the work of professionals and outcomes for families in Hampshire.

Key findings:

  • 95% of parents in a sample group of 190 from Southern Health were able to confirm they had received and remembered the ICON message.
  • The key message retained by parents in the Hampshire Hospitals evaluation was “Don’t shake your baby”, followed by “some babies cry more than others”.
  • 100% of parents asked by Hampshire Hospitals said they were confident to share the ICON message with others who care for their baby.
  • 93% of GPS were aware or partially aware of the ICON programme and its core messages.
  • Over 2,000 frontline professionals have received training on ICON including 343 Nurseries, pre-schools and child minders.

The Hampshire ICON Evaluation Report provides multi-agency data and information from frontline professionals and parents/carers outlining the positive impact the ICON programme has had so far.

HSCP will continue to develop the programme in the coming year, increasing the number of professionals trained to ensure the message is consistently given across all services working with families in Hampshire.

For further information and support see the ICON Toolkit.