New Practitioner Guide for the Unborn / Newborn Baby Safeguarding Protocol

A new practitioner guide to safeguard unborn and newborn babies has been developed by the 4 Safeguarding Children Partnerships in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

The Unborn/ Newborn Baby Safeguarding Protocol, which has been in place since 2011, was developed to ensure all agencies, with a particular focus on Maternity Services and Children’s Social Care (CSC) work together in response to concerns about the welfare of an unborn baby and his/her future, due to the impact of parents’ needs and circumstances.

Young babies are particularly vulnerable to abuse. Research shows that work carried out in the antenatal period can help minimise any potential harm if there is early assessment, intervention, and support. The multi-agency protocol sets out how to respond to concerns for unborn babies, with an emphasis on clear and regular communications between professionals working with the mother and her family where risk is identified.

The new practitioner guide serves as a quick reference guide to the Unborn/ Newborn Safeguarding Protocol, by summarising the full Protocol and outlining the agreed processes of each agency to ensure effective safeguarding is put in place.