Every Sleep Counts Launch – 23 January 2020

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Safeguarding Children Partnerships are pleased to announce the launch of their safe sleep programme ‘Every Sleep Counts’.

The ‘Every Sleep Counts’ programme was developed in response to learning raised in the Hampshire Child K Serious Case Review as well as other partnership and child death reviews related to safe sleep practices.

The programme highlights the need for every sleep that a baby has, to be a safe sleep, whether this is at nap time or evening sleeps, when families are travelling and staying in locations other than their homes – every sleep counts. The programme provides professionals with some practical resources that reinforces safe sleep messages in a variety of scenarios, including the increased risk of co-sleeping with a baby if you have consumed alcohol, taken illicit or prescription drugs. The programme also provides information on the criminal offence of overlaying.

The Hampshire launch of the programme is being held on 23 January 2020 at Ashburton Hall in Elizabeth II Court, Winchester during three sessions.  The programme is being launched to professional first before it is delivered more widely to the general public. Please note that a separate event will be held on the Isle of Wight at a later date.

The Hampshire launch will be held over three separate briefings. Places are free but attendees are required to book your place which can be done via the Eventbrite links below:

Morning Session: 9:30 – 12:30 – Now fully booked

Afternoon Session: 13:30 – 16:30


The launch will include;

  • An overview of the issue of safe sleep locally and nationally
  • How Hampshire agencies are embedding the programme into practice
  • Hampshire’s prevention strategy and promotional materials

In addition, there will also be an update presentation on the Hampshire implementation of the ICON programme one year after its launch.

Practitioners that should attend this event include;

Children’s Services professionals, Early Years providers, Childminders, Children’s Centres, Schools Inc. Primary, Secondary, Special and Independent Schools, Colleges, Police, Housing, Military, Faith organisations, Voluntary sector, Probation, Public Health, CAFCASS, Judiciary, District and Borough Councils, Domestic Abuse Services, Adult Services, GPs and Primary Care Nurses, Health Visitors, Midwives, Paediatricians, A&E staff, Family Nurse Partnership, School Nursing, Drug and Alcohol Services, Sexual Health Services, Ambulance Trusts, Child and Adult Mental Health Services, Pharmacists, Fire and Rescue.