HSCB & IOWSCB Neglect Toolkit

Further to the launch of the HSCP and IOWSCB Neglect Strategy last year, we are pleased to confirm that the multi-agency Neglect Toolkit has been developed. The toolkit is available via the link below and has been designed to support the strategy, and provide professionals with some useful tools to inform their work with children and families. The toolkit provides a range of information including guidance, evidenced based practice reports, downloadable versions of the neglect thresholds chart and indicator matrix’s, case studies, training handouts and material, and some practical tools and prompts.


The toolkit is being given a ‘soft launch’ across both Hampshire and IOW for the next three months. During that time we are keen that professionals have the opportunity to test and review the toolkit, and provide us with feedback on all aspects including content, layout and overall user-friendliness. We are particularly keen on your feedback on whether there are gaps or things missing, as well as receive content and documents from agencies to be uploaded into the toolkit.

Please send your feedback to hscb@hants.gov.uk.

We hope you find this resource useful and we look forward to hearing your views.